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The easiest jewelry/accessory
manufacturing service in the world

MUMMU manages the 6-15 step jewelry production process all at once.
Anyone can create their own design like a professional.
  • We manufacture the highest quality jewelry at reasonable prices with our factory in Vietnam.
  • We produce jewelry in Vietnam through casting, operate an office in Korea, and maintain the highest quality through plating and post-processing in Korea.
  • Over 50% of our products are manufactured in Korea and shipped as 'made in Korea'.

Designing and producing all types of jewelry, from start to finish

From design to production, MUMMU is the only place in Korea that specializes in creating all types of custom-made jewelry.
Contact us for our professional custom jewelry making services and let us help you bring your vision to life.

What we can

piercinggold piercing
piercinggold piercing
necklacesilver necklace
necklacesilver necklace

We offer custom jewelry
and small metal product manufacturing
such as earrings, bracelets, and pendants.

MUMMU produces all small metal products,
including jewelry, figurines, and ball markers.
  • Various materials such as precious metals, brass, and tin are available depending on the design.
  • We provide systematic and productive design consulting through our professional managers at each stage.
  • We operate a design research lab to continuously develop our jewelry manufacturing techniques and designs.

We can produce high-quality products at reasonable prices.

MUMMU produces high-quality jewelry at competitive prices through a systematic production infrastructure with our proprietary production technology.
  • Utilization of new equipment such as 3D printers and automatic polishers
  • Smart factory management systems such as SCM and APS
  • Unit price stabilization through MOUs with partner companies

Manage your products quickly and conveniently
with our manufacturing platform.

The first one-stop jewelry manufacturing service in the industry. With our system, you can easily create jewelry anytime, anywhere.
  • You can make inquiries without needing to create a work order.
  • With just a sketch, you can create 3D designs and produce like a professional.
  • You can order and create jewelry as easily as shopping.
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Fast and Smooth Communication
is One of MUMMU's Greatest Strengths.

Communication is the most important aspect of product manufacturing. Our team of experts at MUMMU, with their specialized knowledge, will help you solve a variety of issues related to jewelry manufacturing and production.

From 3D modeling to production and delivery,
fast and conveniently

At MUMMU, you can create jewelry like a professional with just a sketch.

Various Communication Channels for Remote Service

Even if you are far away or don't have time, you can still create your jewelry. Currently, more than 90% of the over 400 clients of MUMMU create their products through non-face-to-face methods. You can easily make orders and request for production using various communication channels such as SNS, email, phone, and our own platform.

Detailed Management of Direct Production

Munmu is not a promotional product distributor. We operate a smart factory system based on our own technology and equipment. MUMMU's direct production allows for accurate production, high quality, and good value.

Don't hesitate anymore.
Create your products comfortably and reliably with MUMMU.

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