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Fast from production to deliveryJewelry production management through web/appQuality guaranteed

Jewelry production management from web/app

We created an integrated jewelry production management platform for the first time in the industry. Even if you are far away, even if you do not have time, you can produce it.
Currently, more than 90% of Mummu’s customers are manufacturing products through non-face-to-face methods. Create comfortably on PC or mobile and place an order as if shopping.

you can make inquiries and receive professional consulting without a work order.

There is no need to write difficult and complicated work orders. Just explain the design you want to express and a professional manager will implement it up to 3D.

real-time schedule management is possible.

Have you always wondered when my product will be finished? through the real-time schedule check function, you can immediately check what stage the ordered product is currently in and when the expected delivery date is.

You can place an order like shiopping

You no longer need to fill out an order form. You can place an order for my designs that you have produced as comfortably as shopping.

Manage all documents at once, such as purchase orders and specifications.

A lot of documents, such as purchase orders and transaction statements, are required.Manage all of this paperwork from the comfort of the Mummu platform.

We provide inventory management.

You can register and use not only products produced by Mummu, but also other products you have. You can manage everything from incoming and outgoing to the status of each delivery destination.

real-time notifications Check what’s important

You can receive real-time notifications on special events such as shipments and schedule changes.

Do not worry anymore
create comfortably and reliably in Mummu.

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